Why Psybersafe?

Psybersafe – the flexible, behavioural approach to cyber security training

Most security issues happen because of bad cyber habits, and we can help you fix that.

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Remove the worry...

Cyber security is, quite rightly, one of the things that SME business owners and managers worry about. A data breach, hack or security issue can affect your business financially and reputationally, and nobody wants that.

We are a team of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and dedicated people who believe that cyber security training doesn’t need to be dull. In fact, the more engaging and focused it is, the more likely people are to change their behaviours.

Because, let’s face it, most security issues happen because of bad cyber habits, and a lack of real understanding about the critical role that each person plays in protecting your business. We can help you fix that.

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Our bright idea is to deliver reliable and expert cyber training in a way that gets your people to change the way they do things. And we do this differently to everyone else because:

  • We are cyber security and behavioural change experts, and we’ve applied this science to our training
  • Our bite-size training is easy to do and focuses the mind and changes attitudes and behaviour
  • Short training episodes mean no disruption to your business day
  • We understand how to support people on an individual basis to embed a change in behaviour
  • We’ve proved that it works

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Effective & efficient

Businesses who take on Psybersafe training notice an immediate change in the way people approach cyber security and how seriously they take it.

Even better, because the training is online, your people can do it when it suits them. So no half-day workshops, no hours spent on a webinar and no interruption of your day-to-day working. Just effective, efficient training.

Why us? Why not us?

Explore behavioural science

We believe people want to do the right thing.

That’s why Psybersafe is designed to give your people the tools and knowledge they need, so that they can do the right thing to protect themselves and your organisation.

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How does it work?

  • Step 1
    Benchmark and understand existing cyber issues.

  • Step 2
    Roll out monthly dedicated online training episodes.

  • Step 3
    Support and encourage teams during the training.

  • Step 4
    Measure progress and changes in behaviours.

Psybersafe for SMEs

Worried about cyberattacks? You should be! Hackers don’t discriminate by business size – they look for the easiest route in. And that’s often through poor cyber habits and successful scams. Protect your business and give your customers confidence by implementing our fun, immersive cyber awareness training today! Even better, your employees will enjoy it!

Ready to try us out?

Psybersafe for Enterprises 

Regulation, legislation and business reputation means you can’t afford to ignore cyber threats to your business. Our tailored cyber training can be delivered locally and internationally, meaning you can have a consistent, behaviour-changing and certified approach to improving your cyber security.

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